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  • Blue Whales
    in Sri Lanka
    Our next transformational journey:
    Encounter magical moments with the largest
    animal on Earth and be in awe again at the wonders
    of this world.
    Sri Lanka
    from SG$2500
  • Wade Adventures
    Join us in a small group of like-minded people to grow yourself
    personally and professionally
    • Visit wonders
    • Network and grow
    • Learn and contribute
    • Experience transformation
    • Make a positive difference
    Join us
  • You'll be in awe at
    the beauty of nature.
    You'll marvel at the
    wonders of history.
    You'll add value to a
    local social enterprise.
    You'll develop insights
    in growth workshops.
    You'll rest, relax,
    refresh and renew.
  • Explore and Discover The world and your self.

Awesome adventures made even more awesome with you joining us.

This is not a tour group being carted about like tourist drones. This is a personal, facilitated experience that combines awe-inspiring moments with personal and business growth insights. These motivate positive change and sends home an even more invigorated and value-adding YOU.

Our next transformational journey:

Blue Whales in Sri Lanka

Encounter magical moments with the largest animal on Earth and be in awe again at the wonders of this world.

Engage with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries and create connections for ongoing relationships. Share ideas, experiences, networks and knowledge and grow your value to yourself and your work.

Gain insights, understanding and perspectives in our facilitated workshop sessions that help you create action plans for ongoing transformation. Motivate positive change in the lives of others at selected social enterprises on our journey as we connect with local making a difference.

Blue Whales in Sri Lanka

Swim with the majestic creatures

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Pyramids in Egypt


Machu Picchu

African Safari

Wade Adventures creates transformative experiences

that connect the beauty of nature with the wonder of history and the reality of the present to help motivate positive change for an inspiring future. Join us on a journey of wonder, imagination, inspiration and growth. Come and see the world with fresh eyes. Leap and be in awe.

Join international business growth speaker Tim Wade and his wife Lydia, a Strategic Business Development Manager for a leading MNC, together with other members of our team, a number of location experts and special guests on an wonderful adventure you'll remember forever.

You will:

  • Experience the wonders of nature and history.
  • Learn in programs to challenge your thinking.
  • Connect with people that facilitate change.
  • Participate in social transformation.
  • Leave inspired and motivated.
  • Be renewed and refreshed.
  • Return and add even more value to your life, to your work and to the lives of those around you.

  • Expert commentary.

  • Professional facilitation.

  • Transformative adventure.

  • A journey. On purpose.

Join us

Whether you’re coming by yourself or with your partner, family, friends or colleagues, we craft the experience and participate in it with you. You will love it. Register your interest and we’ll send you an information pack with details about how to journey with us.